Trail Golden Delight Mix - California Gourmet Nuts

Trail Golden Delight Mix

Trail Golden Delight Mix

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You can derive the maximum health benefits by using raisins along with almonds, cashews and other dried fruits. This pack also has banana chips that are fried in coconut oil and you will notice that the addition of butter and milk along with dried papaya and pineapples give it a unique taste. It is loaded with many vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body.

You will also notice that it has rich amounts of protein as the pack also contains peanut in abundance. You will completely enjoy the taste when you mix it with your salad.

Ingredients –
Raisins, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Sulfur Dioxide, Citric Acid, Sugar, Butter, Milk, Salt, Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Cashews, Dried Papayas, Dried Pineapples, Toffee Peanuts, Banana Chips (Bananas, Coconut oil, Banana Flavor Salt), FD&C Yellow No.6.


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