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6 Benefits of Eating Nuts

6 Benefits Of Eating Nuts

When it comes to eating a healthy diet one of the most difficult aspects of it is to get in control of snacking. Often office canteens and vending machines are packed full of fat and sugar laden foods that throw all of your hard work at the gym out of the window. One great alternative to chips and candy is nuts. When looking for the best place to buy nuts online, California Gourmet Buts offer a high-quality service at a great price.

All of our customers benefit from the following when they buy nuts from us:

A diet Rich in Antioxidants

Nuts, particularly walnuts, are packed full of polyphenols which can neutralise free radicals found in our cells. Too many free radicals will put our body under stress, which results in low oxides and then we experience cell damage. Antioxidants can improve our ability to fight of colds and disease and will also improve cholesterol in those who are prone to it being high.

Reduction of Inflammation

If you injure yourself or develop a bacterial disease, your body becomes inflamed as it prepares to defend itself. If you suffer from chronic inflammation then your organs and joints will come under too much pressure. By eating nuts on a regular basis you can lower inflammation markers significantly, particularly with brazil nuts.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that the body does not absorb all of the fat that is found in nuts. Consuming pistachios and almonds, as you would in a typical Mediterranean diet, helps you lose weight despite these nuts being high in calories.

More Fiber

Eating nuts, particularly peanuts, will add a lot ore fiber to your diet which will improve your overall gut bacteria. Good gut bacteria means less infections and diseases.

Improve Type 2 Diabetes

As nuts are low in carbs compared to many other snacks they will not affect the blood sugar level in those suffering from diabetes. Eating nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, has shown to lower blood pressure due to lowering of oxidative stress.

If you want to add nuts to your diet and are looking for the best place to buy nuts online or you want to buy trail mix online for a little variety, head to California Gourmet Nuts today.