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A Nut A Day Keeps Heart Diseases Away

Yes, apples are still healthy, however where the apples take care of your whole body, the nuts strengthen the heart, precisely. Some people may have doubts about the consumption of nuts because nuts have a higher level of fats.

The fact is true, but the concern is not. Though the nuts indeed have a high amount of fats; those fats are right for you. Fats that are hidden in the nuts are unsaturated fats, which are healthy for us. Still, how could high-fat nuts will help you strengthen your heart? Let’s discuss!

Lowers The LDL cholesterol level

Eating a limited amount of nuts per day reduces the LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in a human body. What are LDL you ask? Let’s take it this way if LDL levels rise, it plays a vital role in clogging your blood vessels. Steer clear from that right? Nuts, individually, walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated and mono fatty acid, which keeps our blood vessels healthy. Just eat these bad boys raw not salted for maximum benefit.


Protein, as we all know, is the building block of our body. Prominent work of protein is to make and repair tissues. Almost all the nuts and seeds are full of proteins. Especially almonds, almonds have 5.9-grams protein per 1 ounce.

A not so very amusing fact about the human body is that it doesn’t store proteins. Human body stores fats, it stores carbohydrates, but when you need protein, there is nothing in reserve. This is another reason to include nuts in your diet. Proteins are your heart’s best friend. Protein possesses the power to lower your blood pressure. It also helps you loosen up your stiff arteries.

Antioxidant powerhouses

Most of the nuts are powerhouses of antioxidants. Antioxidants’ job is to control the production of the unstable molecule. Free radical or unstable molecules are crucial for our immunity system, but high amount of these molecules will damage your cells. This is bad for our whole body especially our heart. It is marked that our body in longer term doesn’t produce enough antioxidant enzymes.

Rather than taking artificial antioxidant pills, one should eat the healthier and more tasty alternative, nuts.

Two of the best

There are like a zillion nuts and seeds in this world, though peanuts and walnuts are the leaders in saving hearts.

Consuming walnuts thrice a week and peanuts twice a week can lower the cardiovascular risks by 21 and 15 percent, respectively.

Walnuts also reduce the risk of cancer, so this is a win-win situation in addition to all that it tastes good.

Ending Note

There is almost no way that the nuts can harm your health. If you eat the nuts in right manner and mix it up with good exercise, there is nothing more healthier than nuts.

Just keep in mind, before trying any new nut always consult your doctor. There are a lot of nut-related allergies out there, which you might have not heard about. So, eat healthily, eat well, do a lot of exercises and keep in touch with your doctor.