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10 Health Benefit of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are great for eating as a snack, booking with, or using for a healthy milk alternative. As well as tasting great, Brazils are very good for our health and we take a look at just how beneficial they are for our bodies.

The top 10 health benefits of Brazil nuts are:

They Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties

When you injure yourself or get an infection, your body becomes inflamed as it begins to defend itself. When you suffer from chronic inflammation then your body will come under too much strain. By eating brazil nuts on regularly you can lower inflammation markers and feel much better overall.

Improve Heart Health

Some studies have shown that those who are obese have a low level of selenium in the blood. As brazils are high levels of selenium they can help control weight which will put you at an advantage when it comes to fighting heart disease. Alongside the fact that nuts can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, there is a lot to benefit from when you eat brazils.

Anti-Cancer Super-Food

Netherlands doctor Dr. Dieuwertje Kok carried out a study into prostate cancer and found that men who ate brazil nuts daily had a lower risk of developing the disease due to high levels of selenium found in this type of nut. As nuts contain high levels of antioxidants they can benefit the immune system overall which can help ward off cancer.

Regulates the Thyroid Hormone

As brazil nuts contain a lot of iron and selenium they can help regulate the thyroid and may benefit those with the disease of the thyroid or have a thyroid that does not function as it should.

Maintains Cholesterol

Brazil nuts are high in polyunsaturated fats which are good for the body. The high number of these fats can help boost good cholesterol which lowers the ratio of bad fats which leads to high cholesterol. Overall heart health can be improved by eating a small amount (28 grams) of nuts each day.

Controls Zinc Proportion

Brazil nuts are high in zinc which we need to grow and regenerate cells throughout our body. Zinc is particularly beneficial for brain health and reproduction as it plays an important part in our DNA makeup.

Mood Lifters

Eating a lot of saturated fats and eating too much food overall will make you feel sluggish and will ultimately demotivate you as you will be unable to get on with your day. Nuts, such as brazil nuts are great sources of good fats that will keep you full for longer and will boost your endorphins to keep your mood elevated.

Improves Male Fertility

The rich amounts of selenium found in brazils promote sperm production which is why it is important for males who are looking to have children to consume nuts regularly.

Boosts the Immune System

When you are suffering from a flare-up of diseases or certain joint conditions, you want to be in the best position possible, which means that vitamins such as vitamin C to main healthy joints and vitamin B12 for energy, all make a difference to your overall health. By eating brazils you can eat much of your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of these vitamins.

Stimulates the Digestive System

Brazil nuts are high in fiber so it will allow the body to digest food easily leaving you feeling less bloated.