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10 Health Benefits Of Pecans

Pecans taste great and are a popular addition to breakfast, lunches, and snack boxes. Not only do pecans taste great they are packed full of health benefits. We take a look at the top 10 benefits of eating pecans.

Stabilize Good vs Bad Cholesterol

Pecans contain monounsaturated fats which can help to regulate cholesterol and blood sugars. The oleic acid and antioxidants that they contain help to fight inflammation and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Maintains Skin & Membranes

The fiber found in pecans will help the body to flush out toxins that make our skin look tired and old. They also contain fatty acids and zinc that promote good hydration and elasticity in the skin leaving you with a more youthful appearance.

Fights Harmful Free Radical

Free radicals are damaging to our skin, our immune system, and for overall cell regeneration. The phytochemical substances found in pecan nuts can help fight against free-radicals which will reduce the amount of stress the body is under when it comes to fighting disease.

Protects from Cancer

Pecans can help to reduce the chance of developing cancers due to the anti-proliferative properties that inhabit the binding properties of DNA of some carcinogens that cause cancers such as breast and colon cancer.

Rich in B-vitamins

Pecans are rich in riboflavin and other essential B vitamins that boost our immune system. It is used by the body to cleanse the liver, cell replication, and the production of red blood cells. Nuts are particularly good for vegans and vegetarians who will not get high sources of vitamin B from meat.

Good Source of Calcium

Calcium is essential in the maintenance of good bones and teeth and a high amount can be found in pecans so they are a good alternative to dairy products.

Energy Packed

Nuts are packed full of healthy fats, selenium, vitamin E and much more. As well as losing weight, by controlling snacking you will also enjoy a boost in energy as they contain good fats rather than fats that make us feel sluggish.


Unsaturated fats found in pecans and other nuts will help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol which are two major causes of heart disease.

Protein Rich

Pecans are rich in protein which helps to rejuvenate cells and build muscle upon exercise. Eating protein rich foods can prevent hunger and will reduce the need to snack during meals.

Full Of Fiber

The high levels of fiber found in pecans help improve overall gut health and prevents constipation. If you are prone to irregular bowel movements or hemorrhoids a small portion of pecans each day can help regulate your digestive system.